Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fabulous Detail

Top picture:‘1760s Swiss White bouillonne silk satin decorated with polychrome silk, chenille threads and flowers of fly fringe. V -shaped gown with heavy detailed stomacher. To keep the bosom from standing out, this stomacher is heavily adorned with detail, embroidery lace ribbon and sometimes jewellery . Since stomachers had to be pinned to the dress each time they were worn, this style was time consuming to wear.’( Fukai2004 p12)

Late 1760’s silk satin jacket with pagoda sleeves, beautiful corset in damask silk decorated with silk threads.(Fukai2004 p15)

1880’s corset in blue silk. In the nineteenth century small waists were highly desired, rigid corsets were worn to obtain the desirable shape, women squashed their bodies to look a fashionable way right up until the start of the twentieth century. Corset bust size 30 inches and waist 19 inches.(Fukai 2004p74)

1823 Silk bridal gown with beautiful rouleaux trimmings.( Tobin Pepper Willes2oo3p3o)

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