Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Arduino is a multi purpose electronics prototyping platform. Due to a variety of sensors that can be attached to it can change it’s surroundings by controlling lights, motors etc. Using wiring and the programme built into the board the micro controller can be programmed for all sorts of design projects and will be a great source of inspiration for designers and artists alike. Arduino makes using electronics fun and encourages experimentation. As advised in the Arduino handout, experimenting or tinkering with existing old equipment and getting them to perform a different functions to that which they were originally designed for is the best way to get experience. Experimenting by patching leads in different combinations is all part of discovering something new. By circuit bending, a form of tinkering the user can experiment without really knowing what they are doing in theory yet just create something wonderful by accident or persistence.
I am particularly interested in the Arduino Lilypad, which is specifically designed to be used in clothing. Sensors apparently can be used and react to body temperature and possibly create effects with lighting etc. I will be looking further into Lilypad.

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